Stephen & Tasheria's Wedding

We interviewed 3 wedding planners before meeting Erica. Erica is the best wedding planner in town!! I do not say that lightly. She attended to all of our needs and was so well organized. Everything I wanted, Erica made sure I had. She worked with our budget and worked around the clock for us. I wish I could personally talk with each bride or groom that reads this review because words do not seem to express how happy we felt after working with Helping Hand Parties. You will not go wrong! She is a wonderful person.  Tasheria

Austin & Mckenna’s Wedding


Erica Thimsen is the dream wedding planner. She is the best of the best. She is one of the most organized, creative and genuine people I have ever met. She made the entire process of planning our wedding 10x better and easier. And on the actual wedding day, she was absolutely perfect. There were things that went wrong, but I never knew about them because Erica took care of them immediately. Erica was not only a wedding planner to me, she was also a friend. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants a dream wedding! :)                                                                (Photo by Erin Lindsey Images)

Peter and Mary Carolyn’s Wedding


Erica is a wonder. Fully worth the investment (we did the Partial Planning package), she helped take a heap of stress off of my (the bride's) family. My then fiancé and I planned the details while we were in school, and since we weren't in north AL, Erica was available for phone calls, texts, and emails the whole time. She answered questions, kept us on track through the process, and provided us with options for vendors (and she knows exactly who and who not to use!). She totally kicked into Super Woman hyper drive a few weeks out from the wedding and provided everyone with everything they needed to know. She oversaw the rehearsal and everything the day of--we just let everyone know that if you do what she says, everything will be fine! Our day was fabulous and was executed so smoothly. Erica probably took care of a ton of problems my husband and I didn't even know about! We still have guests complimenting us on the wedding, and my family got to enjoy the day and spend time with the guests rather than stress and be in charge. Erica is so sweet, professional, and gifted at what she does. Thanks for providing us with such an enjoyable wedding to look back on, Erica!!   Mary Carolyn             (Photo by Kimberly Greenfield)

Nathan and Kortni’s Wedding


Erica is simply the best wedding planner in this entire area, hands down! As an engaged couple, we thought we had a general plan for our wedding, but after we met with her the very first time, we quickly realized that there was SO much more to planning a wedding then picking out vendors and reserving sites. She literally had a to-do list based on the number of months out from your wedding day so we didn't miss anything or try to do something too late. She kept us very organized by keeping a personalized folder for our wedding. To explain her services, it would best be said that she is the glue that keeps all your vendors, venues, reservations, etc., all together. If you want your wedding to run as smooth as possible and want to not waste your time trying to figure things out, we would highly recommend her.
Kortni                                                     (Photo by Kerry Brooks)

Kyle and Katie’s Wedding


Erica was fantastic! She was so helpful, always available, always smiling and always had a solution to any objections or concerns we had! On the day of the wedding, she pulled everything together and kept nerves down, bridesmaids and groomsmen under control, bride smiling! She allowed the bride’s mother and father the ability to enjoy the day with our daughter! It was a dream come true for all of us and we couldn't have done it without her! I would recommend her to any and everyone who wants someone who will help make this the most wonderful event you will remember with joy!   Kathy                               

                                                (Photo by Greentree Photography)

Brian and Mary Beth's Wedding


I would highly recommend Helping Hand Parties! The attention to detail is obvious in everything Erica does. Erica is an excellent listener and helps you put your ideas together in a organized fashion. We had a large wedding event that required lots of coordination. Erica met with us and prepared a timeline of every single detail. She takes nothing for granted and will ensure that everything within your control is executed well and everything stays on time. Hiring Erica was the best wedding decision we made. She loves her job and it shows.  Brenda                                                                                            (Photo by Kerry Brooks)

Mike and Misty's Wedding


Erica is an amazing wedding planner and such a joy to work with. She was hired to plan my wedding very late in the game. She managed to find extremely talented vendors that I never thought I would get to have since I was starting to plan our wedding in such a short amount of time. She is kind, caring, talented, thoughtful, and I'm so happy we found her!   Misty                                                            (Photo by KBZ Photography)

Isaac and Christen's Wedding


We are EXTREMELY grateful for Erica's detailed planning and for her ability to provide us with peace of mind before and on our wedding day. It is incredibly challenging to get 90 family members and 125 total guests at the right place, at the right time. It would not have been possible without Erica's expertise and professional attitude. She stayed late at work for us; she bridged communication gaps between families; she even sat down with my husband and me before the rehearsal dinner to go over every detail, start-to-finish. We continuously receive compliments about the ceremony and reception-- certainly we and everyone else were impressed by the smooth execution of such a momentous and sacred event. God bless Erica. She truly allowed me to focus on the day and soak it all in because I knew she'd take care of everything else-- good or bad-- that popped up last minute. They say you never remember your wedding day because it's "such a blur"-- but I remember and cherish every moment knowing I was worry-free, present, and happy. I can't thank her enough. We recommend her to all of our engaged friends and family members every chance we get.   Christen

Taylor & Tiffany's Wedding


After talking to several wedding planners for my daughter's New Year's Eve wedding, we were most impressed with Erica. She came highly recommended, and she did not disappoint! Erica was a pleasure to work with, very attentive, organized, and detail oriented. When the photographer had the wedding party outside for pictures, they came back in with mud on their shoes and tux. My daughter had mud on her satin heels. Erica was prepared and had supplies on hand to remove mud from shoes, tuxes, etc. With Erica there to take care of all the details, I was able to sit back and enjoy my daughter's wedding. I could not imagine trying to plan and take care of everything without Erica. My husband, family and wedding party commented about how great Erica was.  Dixie
                                           (Photo by Allison Jansen Photography)

Ryan & Jessica's Wedding


Erica did such an amazing job with my wedding. I truly can't imagine how I would have stayed sane without her! My wedding was very DIY and detail heavy---requiring a lot of setup and attention. Erica made the entire wedding/reception seamless and looking perfect. She helped guide me along the planning process (not afraid to tell me when an idea I had might not work, and always suggesting something to help). She gave me wonderful vendor recommendations and even found me a new cake vendor when my baker fell through two weeks before the wedding. She's a life saver! Jessica

                                                                                                                         (Photo by Sebastian Ho Photography)

Michael and Bonnie's Wedding


Helping Hand Parties planning services were amazing! Erica, the owner, is the sweetest person you could ever hope to help you in planning your special day. She will make sure you receive everything that you want AND more! She is especially helpful in the many details that a bride would never even think of! It was such a blessing to have her by my side helping me through all of this and she made sure the day was perfect! Cheers to you Erica! Truly a wonderful person and professional to work with! I would recommend to anyone with big or small wedding because you never really know what it takes.   Bonnie
                                                                                                               (Photo by Jorge De Aguinaga Photography)

Joe and Leslie-Ana's Wedding


Encouraging, calm & collected, confident, reliable and understanding are just some of the words that come to my mind in describing Erica Thimsen. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough. My daughter's wedding was amazing and more beautiful, than I could ever have imagined. One could never imagined all the work that it takes to plan a successful wedding. Erica put everyone at ease during such a stressful time with her kind and gentle spirit, not to mention a lot of patience. As a wedding planner, she is very professional and detail orientated, an admirable quality. Erica is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and she makes everything look so easy. My daughters wedding will always be such a memorable event because it was perfect! Seeing how happy and joyous she was on her special day was all that we as parents could ever hope for. I recommend Erica to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner and even if they don't think they need one, hire her anyway. You'll not be disappointed. Erica may God bless you always. You are a genuine treasure and such a joy to work with. Thank you so much for being such a caring person.   María Elena Curtiss                                                                     (Photo by Eggplant Photography)

Tyler & Genna's Wedding


Erica is wonderful. I met her while she was working a wedding and I just loved how calm and collected she was. Erica was totally my speed, I felt like we just clicked together. She is easy to talk to and a fast communicator. At times I didn't know when she slept because at the times she sent us emails. You could text her pretty much anytime! She makes you feel super important and in charge of your day. I had her for partial planning and so we had a few meetings, more when the wedding got closure. She would take all of our notes and make a timeline. It helps you feel more organized when you're feeling jumbled. Even if you think you have thought of everything, she helps you make sure you did and if you needed help, she had suggestions. I really feel that she is a good friend and would love to hang out with her after the wedding. I would highly suggest her because we loved her and it took so much stress off my mom so she could enjoy the day too!!   Genna     (Photo by David Phillips Photography)

Steven and Kami's Wedding


My husband and I decided to have our wedding out of state and it wouldn't have been possible without Erica. She is definitely in the right job, and she is amazing at it. She was always able to meet with us when we came from out of town. She put us in touch with some of the best vendors that fit our style. She thought about things that never even crossed my mind. She was very professional and was always pleasant to work with. On the day of the wedding if something went wrong, I didn't know about it. She was everywhere and aware of everything. She was by far a blessing to have during the wedding planning process. I would recommend her to every single bride out there. She's definitely worth the money! She made our wedding dreams come true.                                                             (Photo by Erin Lindsey Images)

Trey and Natalie's Wedding


Erica keeps everything so organized the day of the wedding that I literally did not worry about a single thing! She was so professional and gave such good advice. I thought I could handle a 130 person wedding myself, but boy was I wrong. I am so glad I hired her! The day was perfect and I couldn't have asked for anything better.                   (Photo by Patricia Doyle)

Jake & Anna's Wedding


Jake & Anna's Wedding
We had Erica for partial planning, and it was the best decision we made while wedding planning! Erica was on top of it, had so many great questions that helped us think through every part of the day, and gave us great ideas for how to make it unique to us and fun for our guests! On the day of, her leadership style was resolute and calming, something that me, my mom, and the entire bridal party were really appreciative of. We couldn't have done it without her and I know she was the reason everything was so perfect! I couldn't thank her enough for all she did to make our wedding run so smoothly and be so fun!   Anna
                                                                                                                                       (Photo by Eternal Reflections)

Steve & Lana's Wedding


We don't even know where to begin! There needs to be a special word that means thank you but is only used for something extremely special. Whatever that is - that is how we feel! Thank you for the wedding coordination both before and during the ceremony. Everything seemed like a piece of cake the day of (minus Steve's vows) and we know that is directly because of you. We had an absolute blast the day of! We really wouldn't change anything and truly felt the whole day embodied our "style" for the lack of a better word. Thank you as well for making the trip out here all the way from Alabama! Thanks again for everything!!    Love, Steve & Lana
                                                                                                                                              (Photo by Brian Byllesby)

Owen and Abby's Wedding


Erica was professional and very wonderful to work with. She did her job and kept us on track with our "to do" lists. The day of the wedding she was exceptional. I am the mother of the bride and was able to enjoy my daughter's day and not get stressed about things. I was not running around checking to see if vendors had shown up and if the tables were done! I highly recommend you hire a wedding planner if you haven't planned on it. She was well worth every penny and then some!   Debra                                                             (Photo by Glass Jar Photography)

Dylan and Kristen's Wedding



Erica at Helping Hand Parties helped me plan my daughter's wedding in August 2014. She was extremely helpful from the very beginning when we did not know where to start, providing a check list, examples, vendor suggestions when needed and guidance. Erica was patient and professional. On the day of the wedding she and her assistant filled in to help out without another vendor who had a family emergency. She thought of details I would not have even considered. Our day went so smoothly and I was able to enjoy time with family and friends.We would highly recommend Erica Thimsen at Helping Hand Parties.   Nancy                                                                                  (Photo by Eternal Reflections) 

Will and Jessica's Wedding


Erica of Helping Hand Parties & Weddings is amazing! I would have never been able to give my daughter the most perfect wedding without the help of Erica! She is very detailed, organized, and creative! She took our ideas and made them come to life! She was so easy to work with and was in constant contact with our vendors. Her knowledge of planning weddings is fantastic! She made sure that we had all the boxes checked so that everything would go smoothly the day of the wedding! She enabled us to have a magical and stress free day! The wedding was a complete success!   Melanie  (Photo by Amy Boston Photograhpy)

Steven and Leah's Wedding


Thanks to Erica, my wedding was a complete success. She made every idea I had come to life and made sure it was executed beautifully. She is easy to talk to and keeps in constant contact with you making detailed outlines of the day and even making specific outlines for the wedding party, vendors, and friends and family who are helping. Her insight on what works well and what doesn't is invaluable. I would recommend Erica to anyone planning a wedding or event. Most importantly, she took all the stress off my shoulders allowing me to have the best day of my life. Leah

The Wedding was PERFECT. You are an amazing wedding planner. I can't tell you how many people who attended the wedding said to me how wonderful it was. I credit all the this to you. THANKS SO MUCH. YOU NEED TO CHARGE MORE IN FUTURE!!!. Let me say I'll be one of your biggest cheerleader. You will be the only one I refer in this business. Your attention to detail is amazing. Not to mention the information you provide us with. Things I never thought of. I never dreamed I could give Leah the wedding she wanted on my budget. You helped make it happen. THANK YOU :-)   Linda Moran                           (Photo by Ethan Gulley)

Jeffery and Marie's Wedding

Chase and Whitley's Wedding


After several months of stressful planning, we realized that we needed to hire a wedding planner to help us wrap everything up for the big day. Even though we didn't seek Erica's help until a couple of months before the wedding, she was able to jump right in and make sure that everything flowed smoothly in the end. She was a definite help at the rehearsal and the actual day of the wedding, especially, as having her there to help my mother and I make sure that everything was coordinated and flowing as planned took the stress off of us. Her assistance allowed us to focus on relaxing and enjoying our special day.  Whitley                                                      (Photo by Jessica Sparks Photography)

Thomas & Kavita's Wedding


Erica was wonderful! We had a big Indian wedding with 440 guests for the wedding followed by lunch and 350 for the evening dinner reception. Erica handled everything calmly and with a smile and made it possible for me to enjoy my daughter’s special day. We had a few problems the day before with the decor and Erica stayed late into the night and helped fix it. Her genuine love for what she does shows in her actions. She made the month of the wedding so much easier for me. We had weekly meetings at the venue with other coordinators and she contacted all the vendors , confirmed the orders and deliveries, carried the wedding favors to the venue , did the rehearsal and then on the day of the wedding made sure everything flowed well. It was a dream wedding and I was able to enjoy my daughter’s special day since I had total faith in Erica that she would make sure everything would be done as planned. Erica has this calm demeanor, nothing flusters her and she does everything with a smile. Hiring Erica was the best decision I made! Rekha

Erica at Helping Hands was an absolute lifesaver. I had a huge Indian wedding and there were tons of cultural aspects that Erica had to learn about along the way. She handled it so well and so calmly and knew every single detail of the ceremony which was all new to her. My mom and I would have gone crazy and probably would have fought so much if it weren't for Erica. Because she was so organized and detail-oriented, my mom and I got to enjoy the whole weekend and not worry about logistics at all. I cannot imagine what a mess my weekend would have been without Erica. Not only is she super organized and therefore gets stuff done, she is so easy to work with! She listened to my ideas and made them happen. I am incredibly thankful for her and owe so much of that amazing weekend to her brilliance! Stop trying to do everything, and hire Erica!   Kavita                                                                                                                                                                         (Photo by Erin Lindsey Images)

Bradley and Bethany's Wedding


Erica from Helping Hand Parties is fabulous. Period. She is a joy to work with and is greatly gifted in event planning. Not only will she help make your vision come to life but she will also brainstorm/ walk you through every detail to make it even better than you originally dreamed of!                                                                                                      (Photo by Greentree Photography)

Bruce and Michelle's Wedding


Working with Erica of Helping Hand Parties & Weddings was one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding, and we would choose her again in a heartbeat! Erica is very knowledgeable and detail-oriented, she will be your advocate and liaison to other vendors, and she will do it all with a smile and calm demeanor! Whatever you want for your wedding, Erica will help make it happen! She had a lot of great ideas and made sure every detail was considered in advance (both decorative and logistical), so that we could all relax and enjoy our wedding with peace of mind! Erica was very responsive and flexible - always returning calls or emails right away (I sometimes wondered when she slept, based on the various time stamps of her emails! :)) When we decided to go a different direction with our wedding just a few months before the big day, Erica didn't flinch at all, and was very supportive and encouraging of us and our new plan, which we were SO grateful for. She helped us turn everything around into the direction we wanted to go (intimate, personal, and beautiful), and we were SO HAPPY. The wedding day was perfect! Erica took care of everything. We all knew where everyone and everything needed to be and when with the timeline Erica developed and executed. She coordinated all of the vendors and we didn't have to worry about a thing except showing up, looking pretty, and having the happiest day of our lives! The value you get with everything she does for you is unmatched. My groom and I were so happy not just on the wedding day, but throughout the planning process (which is important!). I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you Erica!!!   Michelle

Nicholas and Jennifer's Wedding


Erica was amazing! She made sure that I had all the boxes checked before the wedding and then work tirelessly the day of the wedding to make sure everything went smoothly. My wedding day was perfect and I could not have done it without her!   Jennifer                                          (Photo by Aaron Sexton)

Alan and Heather's Wedding


Awesome, professional, kind, and a joy to work with. I would never been able to give my daughter such a beautiful wedding without Erica's expertise. She put together the perfect wedding down to the smallest detail. Erica enabled me to enjoy a magical, stress free day with my daughter, new son, family, and friends. I still have two daughters at home and when the time comes to plan their special day, my first call will be to Erica!!!!  Lauri  

                                                                                                                       (Photo by Sweet Roots Photography)

Jimmy and Brittany's Wedding


I don't have enough great things to say about Erica. She provided us with day of coordination services at our wedding reception. She is so sweet, knowledgeable, professional and just an overall pleasure to work with. Months before the big day she was helpful in providing multiple vendor recommendations that were within my budget and was always quick to respond with any questions I had. Weeks before the wedding, every last detail was so thoroughly planned out that I was able to enjoy the events leading up to the wedding stress free. She assisted in set up and break down of the decorations, which were set up exactly as I had imagined, and made sure everything ran without a hitch. If something went wrong that night, I never knew about it. I'm so grateful to her for giving me the wedding of my dreams and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend her to any bride. Thank you Erica!                                                                                                         (Photo by Greentree Photography)

Bradley and Meredith's Wedding


Erica was amazing. She provided our family with so many helpful tips and suggestions, and she made my wedding day flow seamlessly. I don't know how everything would have gone without having her there to coordinate everything. She was a tremendous help and so sweet and friendly. I would recommend her services to anyone! Meredith

Meredith said the day was more than she had ever dreamed of! She and Bradley were so happy! You truly made Meredith's day incredible! You are simply wonderful!  Becky Carr                                                                 (Photo by Armosa Studios Photography)

Joel and Meredith's Wedding


Erica was an absolute wedding genius! She thinks of every detail you could possibly imagine and then at least 100 more. I knew when I first met her at our consultation that she would be great, but once we started our wedding month meetings I had no doubt she would make sure everything was perfect. In the planning process she works on every piece of the ceremony and reception and gives such great advice! I know I was stubborn on some things, but she still advised and convinced me (or my mom on some occasions) when a change really needed to be made. She's very experienced and knows so many of the vendors in Huntsville and Madison, that she knows the best way to work with each and every one of them. After the stress of planning and choosing things up until a month before the wedding, it was blessing to be able to hand things off to her and know I didn't need to worry about them. On the wedding day I was completely unaware of anything going wrong or being off (that's assuming stuff did which I'm sure is a safe assumption). Erica made everything run so smoothly and I don't know what we would have done without her. I'm so very grateful for her hard work and would highly recommend Helping Hands!

Mark and Sandy's Wedding


Erica was so wonderful to work with, she was very organized and detailed. We never had to worry once about how things were being handled. She was always ahead of things. The only other suggestion we have is trying to schedule the first meeting a bit sooner. We had our first meeting in early July the month of the wedding and we were overwhelmed with all we still had to do which was 3 weeks prior to the wedding. We were extremely impressed with Erica's services. She blew us away and really shined, allowing us to focus on enjoying our wedding and knowing our guests were well taken care of.
Erica, The event could not have been possible without you. You were the reason as to why Sandy and I could focus on our guests, each other and the day. Again, thank you.   Mark

TJ and Christina's Wedding


My wedding day couldn't have been more perfect! Erica was hired as my day-of-coordinator and the execution of the day was flawless. I didn't have to worry about a thing during the day and actually got to enjoy my day. Even though she was only hired as a day-of-coordinator, Erica helped me weeks in advance, with keeping me on track of deadlines, following up with vendors, meeting with my venue, and bringing up items I hadn't even though of! Erica is also very accommodating to your schedule. As with planning a wedding and having a full time job things can get a little hectic, but Erica was always willing to work around my schedule.
If you want to have a low stress day and know that it will be executed to perfection then Erica is the person for you!   Christina                                                                    (Photo by Kerry Brooks)

Scott and Anita's Wedding


For our destination wedding we truly took 'Bama to the Bahamas and Erica helped make it all happened.
Forty eight family members and friends boarded the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas. Erica and her assistant helped coordinate activities on the boat: Hindu prayer service, cocktail party, and wedding rehearsal. I was able to enjoy my guests while Erica and Lynn handles all of the logistics and solved any issues or problems that may have arose. On Saturday, April 27, the ship docked at Nassau, Bahamas. Erica and our DJ disembarked early to ensure that the wedding ceremony site, the Versailles Gardens at the One and Only Ocean Club, was set up and decorated appropriately. The ceremony was a colorful fairy tale. Our Hindu/American hybrid wedding flowed well and ran on schedule, a feat I was quite impressed with because Hindu weddings are known to run notoriously late. Because Erica kept everything running smoothly we had plenty of time for a champagne toast and pictures. Helping Hands made sure no guest was ever left behind with their methodical guest check lists. They handled transportation logistics and made sure every guest was where they needed to be. Later that evening were pictures on the beach, cocktail party, and reception at the Sheraton Hotel and Casino. Erica and Lynn decorated the beach pavilion for the reception with votive LED candles, red carnations, star fish, and sand dollars, add to that the beautiful pink and purple sunset, and DJ Luka's great music selection--it made for an absolutely memorable and enchanting reception. Erica stayed on top of the reception schedule (which was quite tight as is) and made sure the dances, cake cutting, and sparkler exit went without a hitch. I couldn't have asked for a better reception.                      (Photo by Angela Karen Photography)

Neil and Rachel's Wedding


Erica is an amazing wedding coordinator. She truly went above and beyond for our wedding to ensure it was a success. We had a number of meetings, and I never felt rushed, which was nice because we took a lot of time planning. Our wedding had an elaborate table decor display, which took a great deal of time to set up. She put in a number of extra hours to help set up these decorations, and we are truly appreciative of this!

On the wedding day, mother nature played a huge role and it was raining off and on that day. Erica and her assistant set up two ceremony areas, one inside the church and the other at the gazebo. She helped me stay calm throughout the day, as I was in a panic about what were going to do. Overall, it stopped raining and we had it outside, but it was so nice to know we had a back up plan in case it rained.

I highly recommend using a wedding coordinator for your wedding. Even if you think you know everything about a wedding, Erica will often bring ideas and suggestions that are very beneficial to your day. There were a number of things she suggested which turned out to be very advantageous to the wedding. The actual flow of the wedding was so smooth, which is something I really wanted. No hiccups or issues, and I have repeatedly heard from guests that it was an amazing wedding.

I highly recommend Helping Hand Parties & Weddings. Great value, great service, and your wedding will be beautiful.                                                                                               (Photo by Lauren Tomasella Photography)

Robert and Kelly's Wedding


Erica was an absolute God send!! She was so attentive and did everything in her power to make sure my big day was perfect (which it was)! If anything went wrong on the wedding day I had no idea, which is how it should be. Zero complaints, she is fabulous!                                                   (Photo by Shea Traylor)

Jake and Jordan's Wedding


We truly enjoyed having Erica as our coordinator. She helped us navigate through all the decisions and logistic details of planning a wedding, always making sure we had everything covered. Due to her experience with event planning, she was able to give valuable advice and insight to make our day go smoothly, and it was such a relief to have her present on the day of the wedding! Having someone outside of the wedding party that knows how everything is supposed to go and can keep the day on track is invaluable! I would most certainly recommend Helping Hand Parties and Weddings. Our wedding would not have been a success without Erica!              (Photo by Greentree Photography)

Michael and Sydney's Wedding


Erica of Helping Hand Parties and Weddings was a true blessing to mine and my husband's wedding day. We met with her months prior to the big day and she was always available for advice as we contracted the caterer, the rentals, etc. A month prior to the wedding we started meeting with Erica once a week and constantly emailing each other updates. She is so wonderfully organized! We made sure every "i" was dotted and every "t" was crossed concerning the details of our wedding weekend. By the week of the wedding we had a whole schedule laid out of exactly how everything was going to take place - with a little wiggle room built in just in case pictures ran over or a grandparent showed up late. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! God blessed us with gorgeous weather and Erica handled everything with such grace. Thanks to her our parents were able to sit back and enjoy the day with us and we were all just able to celebrate our union. I highly recommend Erica to anyone newly engaged, in the middle of planning, or just looking for someone to make their wedding day run smoothly. She has very reasonable rates and is as sweet as she can be!  Sydney                                                                                                                                                                                        (Photo by  A Thousand Words)

Clayton and Kari's Wedding


Erica was wonderful throughout our process. During our meetings, we never felt rushed or like we were taking up too much of her time. Each time I attempted to reach Erica she picked up the phone right away or called back within an hour and/or e-mailed me right back. I never felt like I was bugging her or calling too much or asking a stupid question. On the day before and of, she made the day run incredibly smoothly. I'll probably never know how many miracles that Erica performed that day but I'm sure it was many. The peace of mind I had knowing that Erica was there on the day of was incredibly valuable to me and my husband.  Kari            (Photo by Lauren Tomasella Photography)

William and Elle's Wedding


Helping Hands Parties was the right choice for me and my groom. I had never had a wedding, or even attended one. So, when it came to planning my wedding and reception I was in the dark but Helping Hand Parties brought me into the light. The Internet is congested with many engines that really don’t point you in any specific direction. Helping Hand Parties allowed me to narrow my scope and focus on what I wanted as well as what I could afford. If money is no issue for you, then that’s not a problem either :>). However, we were on a strict budget and Helping Hand Parties provided the expertise and vendor suggestions that really assisted in financial savings. Not to mention, they were hands on around-the-clock assisting me in every step. My wedding was a small wedding, but it was elegant, intimate and all CLASS! Hindsight, my wedding and reception was Grand! I couldn’t have pulled this off without Helping Hand Parties. Helping Hand Parties was a God send.                                                           (Photo by Leonardo Williams)

Matt and Maegan's Wedding


Erica, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the awesome job you did with our only daughter’s wedding. With your help we were able to make all of her dreams come true (as well as our own). We are absolutely overwhelmed with all of the comments and compliments being made about how spectacular things were.
We felt as if we were working with a trusted and loving family member and I feel I have made a new friend for life. Kathy Carter

Love Erica! Not only is she a person with a calm, sweet disposition, she is really on top of things & made wedding planning much less stressful for us. Having her there to help with our day was truly a blessing & I would highly recommend her services! Thank you so much for making our special day absolutely perfect, Erica - it couldn’t have gone any better - THANK YOU!!!   Maegan Carter

Dan and Emilia's Wedding


My husband and I feel so lucky we found Erica to help us with our wedding. I honestly don’t know how we could have done without her help. Erica went above and beyond to ensure our wedding was the way we envisioned. My family absolutely loved her and her calm and assuring demeanor. She was available to me basically 24h on the week of my wedding, I even felt bad for her (I didn’t want to be a bridezilla). She reviewed my contracts, contacted all the vendors, confirmed appointments, and kept me on the schedule. I know I could not have done it without her. Everything turned out so beautiful and organized and for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you Erica!!!  Emilia

                                                                                                                                (Photo by Cocoa L Photography)

Will and Jessica's Wedding


My family, friends and I recently celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed my daughter’s wedding. The rehearsal, ceremony, and reception went off without a hitch, due in large part to Ms. Erica Thimsen’s outstanding work as our wedding coordinator. She provided spot-on recommendations, coordinated with all vendors, and orchestrated the entire event, all while placing our personal desires as the top priority. Her professional demeanor, attention to detail, and tireless efforts were instrumental to providing an absolutely wonderful event and allowed my wife and me to relax and enjoy rather than scurry and worry about details, large or small.

I absolutely recommend Helping Hand Parties and Erica as your choice of wedding coordinator. Her rates are very reasonable, her service top-notch, and the results were outstanding. Steve

Having Erica guide us along the way and be a coordinator the day of the wedding was amazing. It took so much pressure and worry off of myself and my family. I'm so glad we had her.    Jessica                                                                                                                                                                                   (Photo by Kathy Gray Photography)

Robin's Holiday Party


I must give a shout out and tell everyone if you are hosting a family gathering, Christmas party or any kind of party you should call Erica Thimsen at "Helping Hand Parties". She is AMAZING!! She knows EXACTLY what to do and how to help to make your event run smoothly and stress free!! I'm pretty finicky and she really went above and beyond my expectations! I was able to enjoy the party and relax! It was my first time using her service and I have to say...I wouldn't want to host anything else without her help again!! Worth EVERY cent!!   Robin

50th Wedding Anniversary


Helping hand parties planned and executed my 50th wedding anniversary party for 100 friends. The party was unique and beautiful and even more than I wished for.

Burn's Wedding


The service provided of setting up the chairs & tables for the outdoor wedding & reception allowed us more time to relax & get ready for the wedding. If we hadn't of used this service we would have spent approximately 2 -1/2 - 3 hrs setting up the chairs & tables & driving back & forth to the venue.

Josh and Morgan's Wedding


Several of my friends asked how we were able to be so calm on the "big day" and I had to give Erica the credit. She handled all the details: from seating, order of entry down the aisle, coordinating rides to the reception, reception events, and making sure everyone was where they needed to be. My daughter was able to enjoy the limelight and her new husband and we were able to visit with our guests. If anyone had a question, they went straight to Erica for the answer. Thanks again, Erica!    Lynn

A wedding is an event you don't want to repeat. You want everything to be perfect the first time. Erica took care of not only the details that we discussed before hand in our pre-wedding meetings but was the go to for all details that day and added special touches and organization that made the day go smoothly and come off perfectly. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Her desire to please and skill at organization is sure to be a blessing!    Morgan

Matt and Cardin's Wedding


From our very first meeting, I knew Erica was the woman for the job! She took my ideas and ran with them creatively, was direct and precise with all of the logistics for those ideas and was completely "on the ball" with every aspect of my event. Throughout the rest of the planning, she was consistently available to me the moment I called on her. I was so calm without an ounce of stress the day of my wedding. I knew it had all been taken care of and that if a problem arose, Erica would handle it perfectly. She directed the day beautifully and I feel that I am forever indebted to her awesome service and the service of her staff! Thanks, Erica!  Cardin

                                            (Photo by Amy Boston Photography)

Rolf/Jones Wedding Cont.


Erica was considered our Guardian Angel for our wedding!!! Our daughter Vanessa selected Erica for her wedding to help coordinate the day. We were excited about her ideas, and the sense of security it gave us to have her there for the day.

The April 27th tornado came on Wednesday, and the wedding was planned for three days later. Among the destruction and disaster many faced during this tragic time, Erica was cool and calm and collected.

Erica was able to contact and collaborate with our selected vendors!!! The candlelight wedding for Vanessa and Tyler Jones occured due to Erica!!! Immediately following the ceremony she set up a reception at Cyn Shea's Restaurant in downtown Huntsville!!!! All this with NO POWER !!!!

I highly recommend Erica!! I am unaware of any other event planner who would be able to do what she did for us. In 72 hours she made it all happen during one of the worst times in the city of Huntsville. We had 133 guests attend and leave with a wonderful memory of the wedding.    S Rolf   Athens,Alabama                                                                                                                                                                     (Photos by Allison Jansen Photography)

Tyler and Vanessa's Wedding


Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Erica Thimsen. I hired Erica as my “Day Of” coordinator for my the reception of my wedding that was held on April 30, 2011. The minute I met her, and her warm spirit, I knew that she genuinely cared about me and making sure my wedding reception was perfect. I had spent a year planning my formal reception that included a cocktail hour and formal dinner. I had planned every detail to a ‘t’ yet, I wanted someone to put my dreams into play and keep my reception running smoothly. Erica was there to come up with things I didn’t even think of. She was organized, professional, and remembered everything we discussed. The week before my wedding, I knew she had everything taken care of and that my reception would flow smoothly.
Then on April 27, 2011 tornados ripped across the state of Alabama. Devastation. Power was out and predicted to stay out for 7 days. Cell phones didn’t work. As you can imagine, I panicked. My dream wedding was falling apart. Yet, Erica sprang into action. Though I couldn’t get a hold of her because of the cell phones service, she was already planning and making alternative arrangements. I’ll never forget when we were finally able to get through to each other, how amazed I was on how much she had already done. Over the day, she amazingly contacted all my vendors and made a plan of what our options were. At this point, I was in a state of shock by everything that I told her to make whatever she could happen, happen. Due to the power outages and tornado damage, Erica had to cancel and replan a whole reception in a day. She was able to change venues, work with my caterer, cake lady, florist, etc. She made it happen.
Our story was featured in the local television evening news and newspaper:
I’ll never forget walking into our “new” reception and how amazed I was. Not only was the place beautiful with linens, a buffet of food, etc., she had remember the little details from our reception and incorporated them all-even down to the little elephant name card holders. She is a miracle worker who went out of her way to make our wedding perfect. I cannot tell you enough how much I recommend her. Please feel free to contact me personally if you would like more information on my experience: VanessaRolfJones@gmail.com.
Thank you Erica, from the bottom of my heart!

Brad and Lindsey's Wedding


Erica helped plan my daughter's wedding this past weekend. I highly recommend Erica. She is very knowledgeable and very organized. She was quick to respond to my emails and phone calls and always knew the answers. The wedding turned out wonderful; it was exactly what we wanted. Erica worked so hard on the wedding day. She was there from 8:00 am and was still there cleaning up when we left at 11:00 pm. I couldn't have done it without her!

Thank you so much for making my wedding perfect! I'm so thankful that we found you. We couldn't have done it without you. You went above and beyond and I will be forever grateful!!!  Lindsey                                                                                                (Photo by Greentree Photography)

Adam and Tessa's Wedding


Having Erica plan my wedding was the absolute best decision I made about my wedding...other than marrying my husband of course! I was not one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding and when the time came, I did not have a clue what I wanted. Erica was so patient with me and gave me endless ideas and themes and in the end, I left most of the decorating ideas up to her. Not only did the wedding turn out stunningly gorgeous, but the reception looked like it belonged in a fairy tale book. She worked tirelessly on the day of the event and calmly made everything so perfect. She ensured that my husband and I had a wonderful and relaxing day. I highly, highly recommend Erica to anyone who is planning a wedding or event!  (Note: this cute review came from my daugher - too funny.)                                                                                           (Photo by Amy Boston Photography)

Kirk and Julie's Wedding


I cannot say enough good things about Erica. My daughter's wedding was June 2012. I was caring for my invalid mother who subsequently died a few weeks before the wedding. Erica took over all the stress for me. She was extremely conscientious with all the details, especially checking up on the vendors. Erica knows which vendors are excellent and reliable. For all the services she provided us and the many hours of phone calls and meetings, I felt like we got a bargain. She arrived before the wedding party and worked tirelessly making sure every detail was perfect. I just wish we had hired Helping Hands Parties the day my daughter was engaged!   JoAnn                                                                                                                                                 (Photo by Lou Freeman Photography)

Hunter and Gabriella's Wedding


Erica was truly a godsend when planning my recent wedding. We live in New York and planned to be married in my fiance's hometown of Huntsville, so we knew that coordinating from a distance could be a challenge. Thanks to Erica, everything turned out wonderfully. From the earliest planning stages to our exit from the reception, Erica worked with me on every detail, offering suggestions and advice but always keeping true to my vision for the event. When our original caterer suddenly canceled a few months before the wedding, Erica was immediately on the task and found us an amazing replacement who still fit in our original budget. On our wedding day, Erica kept everything running smoothly within the timeline we'd laid out in advance, and when little glitches popped up behind the scenes, she handled everything calmly and discreetly so that my new husband and I could simply enjoy our day. If I have occasion again, I would hire Erica in a heartbeat. She has my highest recommendation and my most sincere gratitude. Gabriella                                                                                               (Photo by Little Acorn Photography)

Shawn & Brittany's Wedding


Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making our wedding day nothing more than a fairy tale. We sincerely appreciate all your time and skill and yes, woman, you have skills! You are an angel! Thank you for serving us like Jesus! I could not have asked for a better coordinator/friend to share my day with! Love you lady!   Shawn & Brittany                                                                                                                                                                               (Photo by Jessie Holloway Photography)

Will and Katie's Wedding


Erica's professionalism, attention to detail and patience is unrivaled. We could not have had such a great wedding without her; she thought of everything. There were several issues that my daughter and I had not thought of and Erica was able to see the big picture and get us through the planning and the "Big Day"! Thank you so very much!                                                                                       (Photo by Erin Lindsey Images)

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